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Meet the Staff

  • Riley McDaniel 

    Massage Therapist & Head of Marketing 

    I grew up in Oklahoma but after graduating High School in 2011 I moved up to Wyoming. I graduated from IBMC in 2016 with an Associate’s degree in Occupational Therapy and diploma in Massage Therapy. Immediately after graduating I started at Northview as their full-time Massage Therapist. Since the integration of the clinic, I have taken on the additional role of head of marketing. My goal is to help as many patients as possible and help this clinic grow in the community. 

  • Marissa Ryan 

    Office Manager and Head Case Manager 

    I’m originally from Las Vegas, but the military moves me around everywhere. Before moving to Cheyenne, I lived in Georgia. I worked for another chiropractic clinic down there for 4 years as their head chiropractic assistant. In 2017, I moved to Cheyenne and began working for Northview starting as a Chiropractic Assistant. Working my way up I have now been moved to the position of Case Manager. With my vast knowledge of the care we provide and how the clinic runs allows me to care for patients on a whole new level now that we have integrated. 

  • Brooke Humphrey 

    Head Rehab Tech and Front Office 

    I was born and raised right here in Cheyenne, WY! After a year of college up in Sheridan, WY, I moved back home and started working at Northview. After over a year at the clinic, I moved to the Central Coast of California and traveled the world. Out of all that I have done over the past five years, my heart as always been at Northview so I was fortunate enough to come back as the Head Rehab Tech. My passion to help others has made this transition back so easy and I am excited to be here to better the community with the services we are starting to offer. 

  • Tracy Ragsdale 

    Registered Nurse 

    I graduated from the University of South Dakota in 1997, becoming a Registered Nurse with an Associates degree in nursing. Just after graduating, we moved to Biloxi Mississippi which is where I passed my NCLEX and began my nursing journey.  With my husband serving in the United States Air Force, that led me to being licensed in Mississippi, Alaska, Texas and now Wyoming.  Most of my years have been spent in Mother Baby/Nursery and Pediatrics however I have also worked in Home Health and Family Medicine.  My passion has always been to help others, whether in the scope of nursing, nutrition, fitness or faith! I love that here at Northview Medical, we look at the whole of a person, we want people to be whole and be the best version of themselves through Chiropractic as well as Medical treatment and care

  • Loren Golkowski

    Head Rehab Tech

    I was born and raised in Douglas, Wyoming. I developed a passion to be active, which pushed me to try all different types of sports that our school offered, as well exercise classes. Upon graduating from high school I received a national scholarship from the Hortio Alger Association, which is a scholarship for distinguished young Americans. This scholarship allowed me to attended the University of Wyoming where I continued to my follow my passion of active movement. After three and a half years I received my Bachelor’s of Science in Kinesiology (the study of the mechanics of body movement) as well as a certification in Functional Movement Screening (FMS). During those three and half years I also worked at another chiropractic clinic where I got practice using some the therapeutic modalities that I was learning about in college. When working at this clinic, I also discovered the joy that I receive from getting to know people and being able to interact with them. I love to help others, and this feeling is amplified within the health field due to the positive and long term effect it can have for people. I am happy to be here at Northview and am eager to meet and help all the patients who come through our doors.

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