Why Good Posture Is So Essential and How We Can Help You Get It

Have you ever witnessed someone walk into a room and look as if they owned it? Odds are their posture was spot on. While posture delivers incredible social benefits, it’s also crucial to your health. And this is especially true now, when screens have overtaken our world, forcing us to spend hours hunched at a computer or nose-down in a phone.

Here at Northview Medical, our team of integrative specialists works with clients in the Cheyenne, Wyoming, area to obtain great posture that helps the human body function at its best.

To underscore the importance of good posture, we’ve pulled together just a few of the benefits it delivers and how we can help you achieve that perfect alignment where your entire body works in harmony.

What is good posture?

Before we get into the benefits of good posture, let’s quickly review what it is we’re talking about. At the heart of your posture is your spine, but the proper positioning really goes from head to toe. For example, the ideal posture when standing entails:

With sitting posture, which is equally important in our digital world, the rules are much the same — chin parallel to the floor, shoulders back, neutral spine — but both feet should be planted on the floor and you should sit evenly in your chair. 

As you can see, there’s a lot more to posture than simply keeping your back straight.

The health benefits of good posture

There are myriad benefits to great posture, largely because you’re using your body as it was designed. Poor posture taxes muscle groups unnecessarily, throws your joints out of alignment, and creates blockages that decrease your body’s natural flow of resources. In fact, poor posture can greatly affect your mobility and athletic performance.

Conversely, when everything is in alignment with great posture, the rewards are significant and can include:

While this list should be reason enough for anyone to want to improve their posture, it’s really only the tip of the iceberg. Good posture has an incredibly powerful impact on your physical health, but it also dictates how you’re perceived in the world. A person with hunched shoulders may be viewed as lacking confidence or unapproachable, while someone who stands up straight with their shoulders back invites the world in with confidence.

The road to great posture

If you’d like to improve your posture, simply come in so that we can conduct a thorough evaluation of your current posture to tailor a program that benefits you most. We have a wide range of techniques, including:

Depending upon your unique situation, we take an integrated approach to your posture and work with you until you’re reaping the benefits of a new-and-improved stance.

To get started, please give our office a call at 307-215-1060.

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