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Time for Your DOT Physical? We can help

DOT Physicals are A-O.K.

A DOT physical exam is required for commercial drivers who operate vehicles that may impact their safety or the safety of others. For example, it’s required if you drive a vehicle designed to carry more than eight people or transport hazardous materials.


The DOT physical ensures that you’re able and healthy enough to accomplish your tasks without putting yourself or others in danger. The health standards that you need to meet are determined by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), and the exam can only be carried out by a certified medical professional.


Our team at Northwest Medical has experience performing DOT physicals in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and we want to share what the evaluation entails and fill you in on the forms you need to complete to ensure the process runs smoothly.

Paperwork to prepare before the DOT physical

If you want to become a commercial driver, you need a complete list of all of the medications you’re currently taking, the dosages, and the name and address of the medical professional who prescribed you the treatment.


Drivers suffering from diabetes or heart disease may also bring recent lab results or a letter from their specialist that covers their medical history and their current medication. If you have vision or hearing problems, you should also bring your glasses, contact lenses, or hearing aids.


Once you schedule your DOT physical, please print out the forms and have them completed by the time you arrive for your appointment. If your forms are incomplete, you’ll need to reschedule the appointment.

What happens during a DOT physical 

During a DOT physical, a medical professional looks at your vision, hearing, blood pressure, and pulse, and they perform a complete physical examination. 


If you pass the exam, you may receive a medical certificate that lasts around two years. However, if you have any conditions that can impact your driving ability, such as hypertension, you may receive a one-year certificate. 


Other certificates may last only three months. You may get one of these shorter certificates if your blood pressure is very high and you’re currently undergoing treatment. After this period, you may have to take the physical exam again to ensure it’s safe for you to drive vehicles. 


If you fail some of the tests, it doesn’t mean you can’t drive again. But you may have to talk with your medical professional about what symptoms or conditions caused you to fail, and then develop a strategy to improve your health and pass the exam.

Get your DOT physical in Cheyenne, Wyoming

Not only do you need a physical before you start working in a driving role, but you need a physical with an experienced professional. We specialize in pre-screening work and sport physicals, and we’re ready to help you get on the road. Do you need a DOT physical in Cheyenne, Wyoming? Contact us to schedule an appointment.

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